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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Oh, Palestine... (tsk, tsk)

Oh, Palestine, why do you insist on behaving like the two-year-old of global politics? You could have had your own homeland, years ago. The only requirement imposed in order for you to get your own homeland, with real borders and everything, was for you to recognize Israel as a legitimate nation. Your refusal to do so left you in exile all these years.

So now you find yourselves in a predicament that is no one's fault but your own, and you want to whine about it. You want to cry on the global stage about how nobody loves you, everybody hates you, and you might as well go eat worms... (Okay, I might have taken that one a little farther than necessary.)

So you round up some allies - people from your region of the world who hate Israel. That shouldn't be hard to do, since most of the Arab nations have declared war on Israel at least once. All of them have worked diligently to ensure that Israel will never be allowed full participation in any UN activities (with the help of the UN itself, I might add). Saudi Arabia, for example, seems to be happy to take your side.

And now, with the United States standing vocally opposed to your new homeland, you threaten us with the loss of allies such as Saudi Arabia (who is aiding Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan). 

That's right, you threaten us because you want something that we tried to give you years ago.

Forgive me if your request seems a little hollow.

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