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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Send Your Gifts to Obama 2012

Are you getting married this year? Expecting a baby? Celebrating a major anniversary? If so, the Obama Administration wants to help take some of the pressure off.

How, you ask? Simple.

No longer do you need to spend hours poring over store registries imagining your dream kitchen. No longer will you be forced to select a color scheme for your master bath. No longer will you have to rub your growing belly while agonizing over the perfect carseat, stroller, or bassinet sheets for your coming bundle of joy.

Well, actually, you WILL still have to do all of these things. But with a little help from the Obama Administration you won’t just be able to do those things – you’ll also have the immense satisfaction of paying for them yourself instead of living with the guilt of receiving any of them as gifts.

And you know this administration is all about personal responsibility … Unless your state wants you to be personally responsible for procuring a photo ID. Unless you are a homeowner who borrowed more for your home than you can afford to pay back. Unless you are a student who borrowed $60k to get a degree in a field that will never net you more than $25k a year. Unless you want, through free birth control, to be exempt from the consequences of your own stupidity.

I could go on.

Regardless, the Obama Administration offers you this opportunity to allow your friends to give you a gift that “we can all appreciate” that “goes a lot further than a gravy bowl”: a donation to the 2012 Obama Presidential Campaign.

I’m sure we can all appreciate leadership that repeatedly does things that the people don’t want while telling us that we only don’t want it because we’re stupid.

I’m sure we can all appreciate a President who sets an example for his “transparent” government by refusing to publish his school transcripts, his senior thesis, or anything real related to Fast and Furious.

I’m sure we can all appreciate leadership that at least tacitly supports groups that engage in violent protests and the vandalism of public and private property.

And as for “going a lot further than a gravy bowl,” well, maybe that’s part of the problem.

If I get a gravy bowl, it only affects me and anyone who eats at my table. The rest of America can go on unconcerned with my gravy bowl.

If I get a gravy bowl and I don’t like it, it won’t take an act of Congress to get rid of it.

But more important than any of those things: If I get a gravy bowl and my kids don’t like it, they, their children, and all of their friends won’t be forced to pay for it.

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