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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dear Amy Glass, yeah, you in the hipster loft with the ripped denim...

This letter was written in response to an article that attempted to shame homemakers into climbing mountains. Or becoming doctors. Or something.

Dear Amy Glass,
Or perhaps I should say, "Dear emo photo of the view from your hipster loft with an intentionally nonchalant (would that be "chalant"? I'm never sure.) peak at your strategically ripped denim,"

You speak of feminism and empowering women like those are terms you are capable of understanding. You talk down to women who have you beat in terms of life experience, some in terms of education, and most probably in terms of happiness as well. You claim to have the answer that all women are looking for in regards to their ultimate fulfillment and contentment, but if that's the case, let me be the first to inform you that your delivery sucks. Out loud.

First you say that feminism is not about embracing choice for women. Let me ask Elizabeth Cady Stanton, champion of women's suffrage and political empowerment, what she has to say about that. Or I could just Google her life story and learn that, after working tirelessly for women's rights, she CHOSE to marry and have children because that was what fulfilled her.

Second, you talk about "placating the mommy bloggers." Newsflash: the only placating mommy bloggers care about involves that which calms the teething infant. Most of us are too busy being mommies and bloggers to give two rips what you think of our life choices. And most of us have children still in diapers who are more respectful toward other human beings than you have shown yourself to be.

Third, you claim that getting married and having a family is an "average" thing to do. Anyone can do these things. I would first like to ask what your credentials are that you feel qualified to judge the worth of another human being? I'd also like to point out something else that is "average": sitting behind your computer and ridiculing anyone who exemplifies that with which you disagree. What is above average is taking the time and energy to understand those who choose to live differently than you do. Incidentally, these things you claim "anyone" can do - um, men can't. You are taking the one physical act that ONLY a woman can do, and telling her that she betrays the whole of womankind (I'm sorry, should that be "womynkind"?) if she chooses to do it.

What message are you trying to send? Are you trying to convince us that you hate women? Because reading between the lines leads one to believe that what's wrong with women is that we're not enough like men. That sentiment is far from empowering - in fact, it's enslaving us to a standard that leaves no room for growth and no potential to capitalize on our own individuality.

What I find exceptionally amusing is that, based on this article and others you have written (I took that bullet so that the rest of you won't have to - you're welcome.), I would have to guess that you have a problem with "slut-shaming." You know, the idea of telling a woman who is - for lack of a better term - indiscriminate with her liaisons that her morality is questionable at best. Because only a bigot would care what another woman chooses to do with her private life, right? But bigotry is bigotry - and looking down on someone simply for choosing vanilla (marriage and kids) when you like chocolate (the single life) is exactly that.

An apparently unfulfilled woman who has spent ten years in the military, delivered five babies, been published nationally, and is an absolute fiend in the kitchen, and is four months from two bachelor's degrees.


  1. "What message are you trying to send? Are you trying to convince us that you hate women? Because reading between the lines leads one to believe that what's wrong with women is that we're not enough like men."

    Nailed it.

  2. She's a gigantic troll, look at her post on the 17th where she say's the exact opposite;

    "The great thing about Feminism is that it means that women can do anything. You can be a working woman or a stay at home mother and both choices are equally valid. There is no “wrong way” to do feminism.

    This means that as good feminists, we never judge the choices of other women."

    She is an attention blogger, she doesn't believe a word she writes, she just writes to generate as much clickthrough revenue as possible. Don't give her a second thought.

  3. Thank you for serving our country!!! You are a hero in more ways than one

  4. I think Monster Lady has really hit the nail on the head with this one. I hope I'm not "slut shaming" when I say she is an attention whore.

  5. Thank you!!!!!

  6. Thank you!!! For serving our country first, for being awesome in general 2nd and for nailing that idiot Amy Glass to her own lofty wall!

    1. Seriously. The loft shot just confirmed the narcissism...

  7. Thank you for taking the time to address Ms. or Miss Glass. Which is it? In my opinion, she missed the mark(s). One day when she grows up and wants to add her a child to our population, perhaps she will reconsider her inappropriate, angry, selfish remarks. You and I have a lot in common- I'm a US Army vet (7 yrs), SAHM to two boys, MOMS Club President for our chapter, and back in school for my 2d BS (already have a MS). I can't wait to read more of your blog! Great writing!

  8. You rock!! Thanks for your retort! I am 39, 4 months from my first BS with plans for my Master's. I have been home with my kids since day one and I am FULFILLED! I love my family, and my husband supported me as a wife and mom and as a student.

    PS. Thank you for serving our country!! My family thanks you!

  9. Thank you, thank you, and thank you! God, reading this was cathartic after digesting the absolute trash that inspired it. You rock.

  10. I've come to the conclusion that anti-feminist blogger "Amy Glass" on thoughtcatalog dot com is a deliberate troll designed to increase site traffic. The positions are hateful and outrageous (nothing new there) but combined with the lack of biographical data, and the lack of any direct replies from "Amy," I think we're looking at a cynical marketing ploy. Skip this blogsite. (Sorry for the anonymous post; I try to avoid as many registration sites as I can)

  11. WOW awesome post. As a man I am often offended and frustrated when someone attacks motherhood. I am offended because I have a wife who is a mother and I had a mother not to mention awesome examples of motherhood throughout my family. I am frustrated because as a man anything I say in defense of motherhood is immediately judged through the prism of he is a man what does he know about being a woman. I may not know what being a mother is like but I know how important her role is to society and the evidence can be seen in the newspapers the results of children not being properly brought up is usually page one news every day. It takes both a mother and a father and when one or the other or both abdicate you get the kind of society we have today.

  12. Frankly, I think the message Amy Glass sends is that she hates men. -- Joab

  13. If Amy Glass's childfree life was truly so fulfilling, she wouldn't have the time or desire to bash other women. She would be focusing on her important career, spending money, traveling and dating fascinating men (or other women, whatever her inclination is....). But perhaps the truth is, she isn't doing much of these things and she wastes time brooding about what might have been. It makes me feel sad for her.

  14. She's a self-hating wanna-be-feminist and self-proclaimed success who would do anything for internet attention, and she has succeeded in that.

    Then again, I could write something hateful or plain horrible about a sensitive ethnic group or vulernable disability and get the same result.

    She does have some valid points though - some women should not have kids.

    Like her mother, for instance.