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Saturday, February 5, 2011

At least Reagan gave up acting when he got to Washington...

On the eve of what would have been the 100th birthday of President Ronald Wilson Reagan, Americans are resigned to listening to people discuss the similarities between Obama and the Gipper...

While it is true that both Obama and Reagan campaigned on a message of hope for the future, Reagan put his hope in the strength of the American people. Obama clearly puts his in the simultaneous expansion of the Federal Government and the deficit.

It is also true that both Obama and Reagan faced major disappointments at the midterm elections, but the pendulum swing in favor of the Tea Party movement was one of the biggest swings in Congressional history.

And as for the economic "crisis," Reagan's response was to allow the private sector the freedom to create the jobs that would pull America out of the slump. And it worked. Obama's current strategy seems to be to apply regulations and moratoriums that guarantee that in the next 50 years all Americans will either be employed by the Federal Government (due to its unprecedented and astronomical expansion) or getting paid by the government in the form of entitlements.

In a meeting with Presidential historians, Obama was most interested in hearing about Reagan and his time in office. It seems to me that Obama could not pick a better Presidential role model than Ronald Reagan. The problem is that he is trying to reconcile with the Reagan role model policies that line up more with Marx. Reagan said that when it came down to most things, Government was not the solution. It was, in fact, the problem. One might ask why, if Obama looks up to Reagan so much, he wouldn't try to achieve the results Reagan got by attempting to implement similar policies? 

The American people are trying to climb a ladder toward a stronger economy. While Reagan's response was to get the Federal Bureaucrats out of the way and give the people room to move, Obama's is to get out a chainsaw and systematically remove the rungs of the ladder. Every so often he turns off the chainsaw to smile and remind America "Yes, we can!"

The real difference between Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama? My husband put it best: "At least Reagan gave up acting when he got to Washington."

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