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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Can you even BE a racist if you aren't white?

A white male student, after attempting to find scholarships and batting zero, created a scholarship that would help those like himself in the often overlooked demographic: white males. 

Of course, most people are crying racist, but that's because Americans are conditioned to believe that it's only racism if it is perpetrated by whites against other groups. In fact, just recently a group at the University of California Davis was forced after legal scrutiny to remove the following definitions from its charter: 
Racism - white people discriminating against anyone who is not white.
Religious persecution - Christians discriminating against anyone who is not a Christian.

On the surface, it may seem like a racist thing to do - to offer a scholarship opportunity only to white males. But unfortunately, when you take into account Affirmative Action, the group is right on target in saying that white men are being neglected. It was an old joke in the Army - the best way to get passed over for promotion is to be white, male, and good at your job. Because of the litigious nature of our society everyone is so terrified to take a step that might irritate a minority that the majority is all but overlooked. If you can get a scholarship simply on the basis of Hispanic or African American descent, it's ludicrous to attack a group that offers the same scholarship simply on the basis of Caucasian descent.

The tables have turned, but the laws have stayed the same. Affirmative Action, which was purported to be the great equalizer, has worn out its welcome in a very real way. Instead of balancing the workforce, it has created new depths to which racism in America can sink. Affirmative Action claims to level the playing field so that minorities in the workplace can get a fair shake. But in reality, it promotes the idea that without some kind and compassionate legal maneuvering, those minorities would not have what it takes, they would never be good enough or qualified enough or smart enough on their own to compete with whites. Affirmative Action lets the minorities know that the only reason they are allowed to play with the white kids is that the government stepped in and forced them to allow it.

Discrimination against whites happens everyday, and no one takes notice. Five students at a San Fransisco school wore American flag t-shirts on Cinco de Mayo last year. At least two of them were Hispanic. The Principal ordered them to either change their shirts or go home because the fact that they wore American flags to an American public school was considered offensive.

And just a little more food for thought: in American public schools, African Americans are taught to be proud of their roots. Hispanics are taught to be proud of their heritage. Asians, Arabs, American Indians, all are taught that they should be proud of their ancestry. White students, in contrast, are taught that they should embrace all of these other groups but are never taught that they too should be proud of their own European ancestors.

Or try this analogy on for size: suppose you grow up with one sibling. At every meal you get enough to eat, but your sister is allowed a second helping. You get to attend school, but your sister is allowed to participate in extracurricular activities. Your parents agree to pay $10,000 for your wedding, but they fork out $50,000 for your sister. In no way have you been deprived of anything you need, therefore your parents were not discriminating *against* you. However, they have been discriminating *in favor of* your sister. It's the same thing in racial politics today. It's not that whites are actively discriminated against, only that concessions are made for minorities that would not be made if the person on the receiving end was white.

In the above article, NYT columnist Charles Blow quotes a poll that claims that more and more white American conservatives are claiming to be the victims of racism. And then, of course, he explains to you how it's impossible for white people to be the victims of racism, simply because they are...wait for it...white.

What's funny to me is that he is simply jumping onto the liberal bandwagon of defining eligibility for victimhood by skin color and crying racism at people who refuse to do so.

However, if I walk down the street, an African American can call me "cracker," and a gay man can label me a "homophobe." They can do this without reason, and if I so much as raise an eyebrow, I am labeled a "racist" and a "bigot."
I can't speak for all conservatives, but I do not consider myself a victim. The victims are the people who truly believe that 50 years after the Civil Rights Movement and nearly 150 years since slavery was abolished we still have something for which we need to do penance. The victims are the minorities who have been conditioned through careful manipulation and in some cases outright pandering and bribery to believe that even though most of them have grown up free to attend any school they want and drink from whatever fountain they choose the big bad white man owes them something simply because he is white and they are not.

Blow goes on in his NYT piece to praise the Democrats because while over 50% of Republicans and Tea Party activists believe that racism against whites is a real problem in America only 30% of the Democratic ranks agreed that it was even happening.

NEWSFLASH: Democrats agree with this statement in smaller numbers because keeping minorities in their place is what guarantees them an *injustice* upon which to build a campaign.

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