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Friday, March 2, 2012

Breitbart, the human Lorax

Last night, during a mildly successful attempt at a (virtual) Irish wake for our friend and fellow patriot Andrew Breitbart, several of us attempted to describe the man with one word. Most of us failed. The list follows:

Righteously indignant
Warrior for the Good
Rock Star

And then this morning, I got an email from my husband. He referenced Dr. Suess (who fittingly has a birthday today) and the book "The Lorax," and said that the best word to describe Andrew Breitbart was "UNLESS."

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that he was absolutely correct.
Unless at least one person cares.
Unless at least one person continues to fight for the cause.
Unless at least one person continues to shout the truth.
Unless at least one person continues to expose the enemies of truth.
Unless at least one person has the courage to lift the standard and stand under it, unafraid.
Unless we do these things, the Republic is lost.

Andrew understood that. And unless at least one of us understands it and takes that next step, the risk is immeasurable.


  1. BreIt art?

    Isn't that the guy who dishonestly edited a video so that a woman was wrongly fired?

    Yeah, his passing is a real loss to humanity :-).

  2. Hmm. Yeah, the video was edited before Andrew ever got it. And as for Obama firing Sherrod, it happened pretty quickly. He hasn't fired other officials for worse offenses, namely Eric Holder (Fast and Furious). If I were a conspiracy theorist, I'd probably be screaming set-up.

    Since you obviously only cared enough about the issue to read the parts that made Breitbart look like a tool (even though actual facts make him at worst a pawn in a bigger game), you have successfully achieved the level of "guy who is willing to hurl insults at a guy who has no ability to fight back simply because you didn't like him while he was alive." Kudos. Your lack of evidence is outshined only by your bravery.