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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Remembering Breitbart

Today we sit in stunned silence, unable to fathom or calculate the measure of the loss we feel. With the passing of Andrew Breitbart early this morning, America as a collective has lost a true patriot, a warrior, and a passionate and unrelenting advocate of truth.

Tomorrow we will be asked to step into his shoes, a tall order if ever there was one, and take the torch from here. It will be up to us to continue the fight, to expose truth where it is hidden, and to shed light on the dark places that no one likes to talk about. We will be charged with finding our own voices in the continued struggle to protect and defend our own liberty. Much will be demanded of us in his absence, and we owe it to his memory to meet those demands head on.

236 years ago, Thomas Jefferson asked fellow patriots to pledge their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. Since then, few have lived up to that pledge. Andrew Breitbart was one of those few.

R.I.P. Andrew Breitbart. America has lost a dear friend and ally this day.

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  1. I was just sitting here on Twitter and it I feel like the world just stopped. He was a true fighter. We have to continue to fight, Andrew would have wanted it that way. I plan on fighting and being in the trenches with all of Conservative friends.