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Friday, August 3, 2012

A Little Help?

Tuesday is coming. More specifically, Tuesday, Aug. 7 is coming. The Missouri primary is coming, and in light of that I need to ask you fine folks a favor. My friend Martin D. Baker is running for the hotly contested seat in Missouri's 1st Congressional District. For the last few months, he has been operating with a skeleton crew of a campaign team, half-jokingly calling them "the best that money can't buy, mostly because I can't afford to pay them." Not surprisingly, in this economy, financial endorsements have been hard to come by - making paid positions on his campaign an impossibility. But they have pushed on, because they believe in what Martin stands for and they are all grass-roots at heart.

So what do I need your help with? I don't need your money. (Although, should you feel inclined to give it, you can donate to Martin's campaign here.) I don't even need much of your time - maybe less than five minutes. I just need you to take to Twitter and Facebook and drop Martin Baker's name today. Some of you may not live in the St. Louis area, and that's ok. The beauty of social media is that you probably know someone who knows someone who lives in Martin's district.

So here's what I'm asking you to do:

When you post on Twitter or facebook, tag Martin (@Baker4Congress). Use the hashtag #FlipMO1. The only thing that Martin asks is that you stay away from personally insulting his primary opponent (@Hamlin4Congress) or the Democrat contenders (@russcarnahan and @LacyClayMO1). There is plenty of information out there to promote Martin Baker without doing that.

Some helpful information:

MO District 1 has been under solely Democrat control since 1949. That's 63 years of single party control.
Since 1969, the District 1 Rep has been a member of the Clay family.
Both Clay and Carnahan are considered to be Missouri political royalty and have made careers living on taxpayer money. Carnahan even secured over $100million in stimulus money for his brother Tom's failed wind farm.
Since Clay took office in 2001, MO 1 has lost 82,000 jobs and 6% of the population - most of which went to outlying districts (Republican districts, such as MO 2).
Clay's tenure also saw two major malls (Jamestown Mall and Northwest Plaza) become virtual ghost towns. The North City Corvette plant was outsourced to Kentucky.

Why is Martin Baker the guy?

Martin Baker is the only MO 1 candidate of either party with a detailed plan to restore District 1. His "Baker's Dozen" platform includes the implementation of a Fairtax and the overhaul of excessive regulations that destroy small businesses and place the burden on job creators.

He will vote to repeal Obamacare in its entirety.

As a card-carrying member of the NRA, he will defend your Second Amendment Rights.

He is the only MO 1 candidate endorsed by Missouri Right to Life, Blackstorm, and Fairtax.

As a 22 year veteran of the Navy, he understands the need for a strong and well-trained military, and will vote to keep America strong on the global stage.

As an advocate for smaller government, he will vote to get the Fed out of your pocketbooks and your personal lives.

Please, if you have a minute, get on Twitter today. Tag @Baker4Congress and use hashtag #FlipMO1. This is the best chance we've had in 60 years to make some real change in St. Louis!

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