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Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Late Andrew Breitbart Makes an Appearance at Chik Fil A

Andrew Breitbart was at Chik Fil A yesterday. No, seriously, I saw him. I saw him in the faces of the tens of thousands of Americans who patronized the fast-food chain in protest of the current media narrative. His voice was the one I heard when people explained that it was never about gay rights - it was about free speech. The people who flocked to Chik Fil A yesterday did so because they believe (and rightly so) that Dan Cathy has the right as an American individual to believe and say whatever he likes. No one was there to protest gay marriage or to promote discrimination - rather, they were there to protest discrimination against a legitimate business based on a falsified narrative. Andrew would be proud.

Photo: Chik Fil A in Des Peres, MO, courtesy of Dana Loesch

But today isn't Chik Fil A Appreciation Day anymore. So what do we do now? Yesterday's event was planned as a preemptive response to GLAAD's planned "Same Sex Kiss Day at Chik Fil A," during which protesters would walk into Chik Fil A locations and engage in same sex make-out sessions. Their plan is to converge on locations nationwide tomorrow (Friday, August 3) at 8pm Eastern.

First, let's talk about protests, and how they are different depending on whether the protest is being made by conservatives or liberals.

Generally when conservatives boycott things they do it quietly. I've said before that I won't buy Heinz products because I can't stand John Kerry. Conservatives vote with their wallets every day (as they did in tens of thousands on Chik Fil A Appreciation Day), and they don't make a big deal out of it. They know that the person who isn't getting their money will feel the effects.

When liberals protest, the story is quite different. Not only do they have to punish the person or entity they are protesting, but they also have to punish everyone who refuses to join their cause.

This "Same Sex Kiss Day" is great example of that, as misdirected as it is. It's misdirected because Dan Cathy's statement was never anti-gay. It was simply a statement that confirmed something that we all already knew - Chik Fil A is a Christian company, and they support traditional marriage and family ideals. The left immediately began spinning, quickly convincing people that Chik Fil A as a company discriminates against the LGBT community (patently false) and that they laced their chicken with bigotry and intolerance (also untrue - and scientifically impossible).

But think about this: if it were true that Chik Fil A was as anti-gay as the left wants us to believe they are, then their "Kiss-In" protest would completely fail to make their point. Why? They say that they want tolerance. All they want is equal treatment, right? And they're going to make that point by going to the people they want tolerance from and do the most offensive thing they can think of, right in their faces. Funny, I just don't see that being an effective protest. It would be akin to asking a new mother (holding her baby) if she smoked, and when she said, "No, and I don't like smoke around my baby," protesting her "intolerance" by blowing smoke in her face.

If we allow them to make that statement tomorrow, we allow them to continue with the narrative that the publicity surrounding Chik Fil A is about gay rights. Chik Fil A Appreciation Day May be over, but the #WAR still rages...

So what can we do? Last month when Texas A&M students learned that the Westboro Baptist Church would be protesting a local military funeral, they put on school colors and formed a human wall, separating the protesters from the funeral. We can go back to Chik Fil A tomorrow at 8pm Eastern. We can remind Chik Fil A that we don't only support them because someone marked a date on our calendar, and we can make sure that any protesters who do show up don't disturb the employees or disrupt the business.

See you at Chik Fil A tomorrow!

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