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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Komen Conspiracy

This week when the Gingrich-Romney insults stopped flying long enough for the media to get a word in edgewise, the big story was the Susan G. Komen Foundation severing long-held ties with abortion giant Planned Parenthood.

The Komen Foundation cited current Congressional investigations into Planned Parenthood's financial records as the reason for the split. The investigation is set to determine whether any funding from the Komen Foundation and other donors specifically to be used for breast exams was instead improperly funneled into abortion services. 

Of course, Planned Parenthood claims a much larger conspiracy. They blame the split partially on the fact that Komen's newest executive, Karen Handel, once ran for Governor of Georgia on a pro-life platform. They also claim that Komen may have backed out of the relationship because of pro-life groups that have put pressure on them through boycotts and political action. 

This gives conservatives a major opportunity, especially considering the fact that now many supporters of Planned Parenthood are threatening to withdraw their support from the Komen Foundation. If we go out en masse now and support Komen, we can show them that our support is worth having. 

There are those conservatives who fear that once the investigation is over, Komen will go back to business as usual and return their financial support to Planned Parenthood. Some of them are even suggesting that we withhold our support for Komen until we are certain that the relationship is over for good. If we do that, we lose the best chance we have to ensure the permanence of this divide. A massive push of support right now will prove how many people are in favor of a Komen Foundation free of ties to abortion. If Komen does eventually return to supporting Planned Parenthood, when we withdraw our support again they will feel it that much more deeply.

So go out. Buy the pink stuff. Race for the Cure. Send a message to the Komen Foundation that they are better off with support that is not paid for through the ransoming of innocent souls.

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