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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The McCaskill comedy minute, now airing on 97.1fm

Many people in the St. Louis area were dismayed to learn recently that Claire McCaskill ads were being run on local conservative talk radio giant KFTK FM (97.1). While the radio station is free to take money from whomever it chooses (and I will never fault them for doing so), I personally choose to believe that KTFK chose to run those ads for no other reason than comic relief.

Take a listen to this. The only line you really even need to pay attention to is the following: "She is fighting to stop abortion."

And then let's take a gander at her voting record over the last ten years, shall we? 
She has voted against defining the unborn as "children" for SCHIP purposes, even though that would help pregnant women get low cost or free prenatal care. 
She voted against SA 607, which would have prevented financial aid given to other nations from being used to fund coerced abortions.
Some states that require parental consent for abortions also have laws preventing minors from crossing state lines to obtain abortions. She voted against the amendment that would have provided funding to enforce those laws.
She voted against an amendment that would prohibit federal funds from being dispersed to groups that either encourage or provide abortions.
She voted against the defunding of Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the United States.
She even called upon the Senate during the debate over the healthcare bill to defeat any move to embrace the tough anti-abortion language in the House's version of the bill.

So what should we glean from all of this? For Claire McCaskill to have "approved this message," it is apparent that she believes that Missourians are stupid or lazy. Her voting record is available to the public, and it took me all of ten minutes to sort through it. So either she believes that Missourians will take her word for it and not bother to look it up, or she believes that they are incapable of doing so.

As for why 97.1 airs the ad? I'm still going with comic relief. Where else but America can you take money from a candidate who is airing an ad that is riddled with fraudulent claims and then turn around and use that money to pay the very on-air personalities who will take every opportunity to point out each and every fraudulent claim? 
That's comedy gold, folks. 

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  1. I heard this ad on my drive home Tuesday and I swear I thot it was a comedy skit. Listening laughing, eye rolling, yeah-righting, I was waiting for one of the (R) candidates to finish it off with something like, "Think in opposites if you want to know Clair McCaskill." When the "I approve this ad" came on I was stunned.