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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mr. President: How Dare You?

This past week, the Presidential campaign has gone to the dogs. After the Obama campaign worked around the clock to stretch the Romney-family-dog-rides-on-the-roof-of-the-car story to fantastic lengths, the Romney campaign responded with comments about the President's dog-eating days in Indonesia. True to form, the Obama campaign insisted that Romney's actions thirty years ago were more relevant than his. A campaign spokesman even tweeted, shocked, that anyone who would use the dog-eating incident in a campaign was attacking a child, given the fact that at the time, President Obama was likely between the ages of 6 and 10.

I am usually annoyed by the statements that come from the White House or in defense of something the President has done or said. I am occasionally rendered speechless, or overwhelmed with incredulity. But this time I am angry.

So Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt thinks that I am attacking a child if I talk about Obama eating dog?

I'm sorry, but where does anyone associated with the Obama Administration get off telling me what constitutes an attack on a child? My children will spend the rest of their lives paying for the disastrous policies Obama has implemented since taking office. They will have fewer family vacations than I did because his policies necessarily cause energy and gas prices to skyrocket. They will have fewer choices when it comes to higher education because of his manipulation of the federal student loan program. They will be saddled with massive tax burdens to cover the damage already done by the implementation of Obamacare, even if by some miracle it is declared unconstitutional or repealed before further damage can be done. They will work their entire lives to pay for this generation's Social Security and Medicare needs, knowing that the programs will likely go belly up before they are able to collect their own benefits. They will be far less likely to be able to afford the luxury of a single-income family, since they will be forced to pay for those who do not contribute to society. The regulations imposed by the Obama Administration may even bring about the end of the family business, leaving them with little inheritance (they'd have to give the government half of that anyway) and less of a future.

And let's not even discuss the thousands of children who will die because Obama's stance on abortion and his insistence on continued funding for Planned Parenthood...

Obama ate dog. So what? How dare he tell me THAT is an attack on a child? That petulant middle-aged "child" now lives in the White House and vacations worldwide on my tax dollars. My children will spend their lives recovering from the series of attacks he has unleashed in his three years as President. If they can.

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