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Monday, April 30, 2012

Twitter, some whiner tattled on @ChrisLoesch...

Last night Twitter banned @ChrisLoesch. What did he do? He had the *audacity* to stand up for his wife when a few jerks threatened her (simply for having an opinion, mind you) with rape and death and other unpleasantness.

The banning was not a response from Twitter moderators - rather, it was an automated response triggered when people mad at Chris for defending his wife pressed the "tattle" button. (block/report as spam)

This whole situation paints a pretty clear picture of what's going on out there today:

 Everyday, conservatives like Dana who dare to express themselves vocally get bombarded with threats, insults, and all manners of name-calling.

Generally those threats are issued for no other reason than a simple political difference of opinion.

If that conservative doubles down and defends himself/herself with facts and logic, or if someone else responds in their defense, the threats get worse.

So why is it that conservatives get banned more often than their attackers on sites like Twitter? Simple.

When conservatives get attacked, they stand their ground and defend themselves. They don't go running to Twitter and whine about it.

When their attackers are confronted with truth/logic/rational defense, they run and tell someone bigger, who can fight the battle for them or make it go away.

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