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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Time to Change Horses

We are all accustomed to infighting and arguing within our own party, especially during a highly contested primary season. But as Andrew Breitbart said at CPAC, the time has come for conservatives to rally, to join forces, and to win.

I know it can be hard to align yourself with a candidate that isn't your first choice. Personally, I liked Fred Thompson in 2008 and Rick Perry in the beginning of this primary, so I know from experience how hard it can be when you are forced to change horses. But I also know how stupid it is to refuse to change horses when the one you're riding has broken a leg.

 In light of that, I ask - no, I beg - that you stop insulting my intelligence (and your own) by calling yourself a conservative if you have ever made either of the following statements:
"If ___________ is the Republican nominee, I will vote for Obama."
"If ___________ is not the Republican nominee, I will vote for Obama."

Most often, I have heard this statement made by people who are either dead set on or dead set against Ron Paul. He is a very polarizing figure, to be sure. Most people either love him or think he is insane. Some love him AND think he is insane.

But the point is this: if you are a true conservative, you recognize the fact that at this point *anyone* would be better than another four years of Obama. I personally think that even Hillary would be preferable to another four years of Obama. I'm a little dismayed that she didn't primary him, actually. But whether or not you love Romney (and I don't), it's not difficult to see that he would be far better for America than Obama. If you are willing to vote for Obama to punish the conservatives who disagreed with you in the primary, then you have lost your claim to conservatism.

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