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Friday, October 21, 2011

According to Nan: Medical Care = Taxpayer-funded Buyer's Remorse

So, I lost an entire week due to midterms... Guess I'll just jump right in.

This past week, the House Republicans passed a bill that outlined in detail the fact that federal funding through the Affordable Healthcare Act (a.k.a. the abomination that is Obamacare) could never be used to fund abortion services. This bill should not even be necessary, as President Obama himself issued a statement declaring that exact sentiment in order to snake the votes of the Stupak Twelve. 

(If you recall, there was some doubt leading up to the passage of the A.H.A. as to whether or not the President had the support even within his own party to put the measure through. The holdouts were Bart Stupak and eleven other pro-life democrats who were concerned that the bill allowed for federal funding of abortions, something they could not allow. It was Obama's promise to issue a signing statement barring the use of federal funds through Obamacare for abortion - and perhaps an airport in Stupak's hometown - that ultimately caused the Stupak Twelve to fold.)

In the moments leading up to the vote on this most recent bill, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi displayed her California roots, and in an Oscar-worthy display of histrionics pleaded with the House to let the bill die. "A vote for this bill," she whined, "is vote for women to die on the floors because they have no available treatment."

But Nan, a vote against this bill is a vote for Presidents to be allowed to waffle and rescind their own words without accountability. When there is once again a Republican in the White House, I'm sure that you will regret setting that precedent.

And for what it's worth - no one is voting against women receiving medical care. No one is voting against emergency treatment of women (or children or men, for that matter) in trauma centers regardless of their immediate ability or inability to pay. They are voting for two things: First, to remind the President that whether he likes it or not, he is accountable to Congress and to his own words. And second, to remind women that "medical care" and "tax-payer funded buyer's remorse" are not the same thing.

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