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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Santorum's voters may be crazy, but they may be right, too.

Midway through the New Hampshire Primary, exit polls suggest that 47% of Santorum voters view abortion as the number one issue in the 2012 election. In the Iowa caucuses last week, 14% of all voters cited abortion as their top issue as well.

Just as with everything else, it seems, this has quickly become a contentious topic among Republicans. Some say that abortion is always the most important issue. Some say that it pales in comparison to the economic issues we currently face, and that abortion will be the least of our worries if our economy tanks and we end up in the position of, say, Greece. Some say that we should be concerned about abortion, but only after we fix Obamacare, entitlement spending, and the economy.

My response to that is simple: as long as taxpayers fund Planned Parenthood, cover emergency care for women who have no insurance and require post-abortion care, and cover the abortion services that will most certainly be covered under Obamacare (You didn't really think Obama was serious about that Presidential Mandate business, did you?), those things are all inextricably linked together. 

But more than that, the real problem is this: if we become an America that is willing to sacrifice the unborn for a better economy, then we become an America that has lost the right to claim "exceptionalism." We are effectively telling our leadership that we are willing to sell our principles for a few jobs, a strong dollar, and a better housing market. 

In our zeal to win, we must remember that how we win can be more important than winning. After all, as Mark 8:36 reminds us, "what does it profit a man that he gain the world but lose his soul?"

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