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Monday, January 2, 2012

Give Iowa a try

Tomorrow, all American eyes turn nearly dead center. We watch Iowa carefully, waiting for the first possible indication of who might be the GOP Presidential candidate for the election later this year. So far, at best the field is a bit of a cluster.

In national polls, Romney and Gingrich are virtually tied, with Paul lagging behind and the others trailing. In the most recent Iowa polls, it is a dead heat between Romney, Paul and a continually surprising Santorum. The others haven't been getting much press, but that may change as many Iowa voters are still undecided going into tomorrow's caucuses.

Three types of voters are going to be attending the Iowa caucuses:

Group 1 is the ABO (Anyone But Obama) group. Their biggest concern is electability, and their candidate will be either Gingrich or Romney.

Group 2 is so fed up with the ever-expanding government that they will allow fiscal concerns to supersede possible national security worries. Their candidate will be Ron Paul.

Group 3 is made up of conservatives who believe that the slow road to hell can be as dangerous if not more so than the fast one. They are likely to value principle more highly than electability. Their candidate will be Santorum or Perry.

The questions remaining as we begin this primary season are these: 
Which group is bigger in Iowa? 
Which group is bigger in America?

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