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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sell crazy someplace else... we're all stocked up here

Today I realized that I was quoted by a progressive blogger. His intent was to show that the Gateway Grassroots Initiative (who I associate with but DO NOT SPEAK FOR) has a bone to pick with Ed Martin, whose political aspiration of the month is Missouri Attorney General. What I said was that Missourians should be concerned in light of the fact that this is now the third 2012 contest in which Martin has declared his candidacy. And I stand by that assessment, mostly because I believe that it is the duty of the citizenry to scrutinize all candidates for public offices. But this blogger dragged GGI into it for other reasons.

All this goes back a couple of months to the straw that broke the St Louis Tea Party Coalition. This particular blogger has it in his head that people left the STLTPC because they wanted to support Ann Wagner instead of Ed Martin in the heated contest for Todd Akin's soon-to-be-vacated seat in Missouri District 2. I would love to hear his explanation as to why the "ultimate GOP insider Ann Wagner"-loving folks (who broke off from the STLTPC in order to endorse her) have not done so. The Gateway Grassroots Initiative, composed almost entirely of the people who left the STLTPC at that time, has yet to endorse...ANYONE. No one associated with GGI is out ringing doorbells for Ann Wagner - which seems off, since according to him, that's the only reason they left the STLTPC in the first place.

So why does he keep selling that story in the face of obvious facts? The answer is, well, obvious. It's easy to believe that people would engage in that type of infighting over support for a particular candidate. It's easy to believe that people are petty and vindictive - and for the most part, as humans, we all are. What's darn near impossible to believe is the idea that there are people who are willing to stand on principle regardless of the fallout. It's hard to stomach the notion that, after claiming to leave the STLTPC because they didn't believe grassroots organizations should endorse candidates, GGI proceeded to walk the talk. And he just can't force his brain to wrap around the fact that GGI - Dana Loesch in particular because of the DLRS and her ties to CNN - has the influence to throw real weight behind anyone we choose to endorse and we choose not to endorse anyone because principles matter more than power.

So blog on. Quote me if you like. You're spinning your wheels looking for a catfight where there isn't one. But until you find something original to say, do us all a favor and go sell crazy someplace else. We're all stocked up here.


  1. I absolutely love the reference to As Good As It Gets. Great movie!

    You're right "that other blogger" doesn't have his facts straight. Of course, you're off on a few of minor points, too.

    The board of the St. Louis Tea Party decided to end its relationship with Dana Loesch and a few others before Dana and those others decided to end their relationship with the STLTPC. Whatever. While it appears that the split was between Ed and Ann supporters, the reality is much more complicated. I would argue that it came down to Dana not having the editorial discretion that she wanted to squash stories she didn't like. Again, whatever.

    Endorsements. Neither GGI nor the STLTPC have endorsed any candidates in this cycle. I have endorsed a candidate: Richard Mourdock in Indiana. I have not endorsed Ed. I do think that Ann Wagner is unfit for any elected office. That's a position I arrived at only in November after learning that her husband lobbied Congress to make TARP funding available to Enterprise Rent-a-Car.

    I started blogging when TARP passed, so that's a key issue for me. Also note that my blog is Reboot Congress, so I have opinions that I will share about Congressional races. Those opinions do not reflect the opinions of the St. Louis Tea Party. For instance, I think Dick Lugar has to go, but Tea Party blogger Sharp Elbows thinks otherwise. In light of Lugar's connections to that failed green energy company, Ener1/EnerDel, last week, maybe Sharp will reconsider. You should ask him!

    Principals are important and truth is the first principal that we have to adhere to. So, tell me, did I lie here or did Jim Hoft lie here? Did Dana Loesch abuse her editorial discretion as I argue here and here? Was I wrong to ask Hoft and Loesch to correct their multiple mistakes? Should they have published the corrections I asked for in whole or in part?

    Now, if you think I've misrepresented the facts, I promise you that if you can provide evidence of my mistake, I will correct the record. Apparently, that's more than you can expect from that "media watchdog" BigJournalism. The factual errors that persist to this day there are a harsh indictment of Editor-in-Chief Dana Loesch's objectivity and clearly point to her political bias in favor of Ann Wagner.

  2. Perfectly stated.

  3. First: "We broke up with her before she broke up with us?" Really? Not to be dragged into a lot of he-said she-said, but the coup d'etat style with which communications were cut off among people who were supposed to be compatriots leaves a lot of room for interpretation on that score. So say what you want, agree to disagree, and move on.

    Second: Based on the links you provided, Jim Hoft did not lie. He simply posted the story about Enterprise NOT taking bailout money (which they didn't). Whether or not they lobbied for the money in the first place does not alter the fact that they didn't take money - or make it untrue for Hoft to say so. The real question - why would they lobby for funds and then refuse them - should be asked of Enterprise. Jim Hoft does not deserve to be maligned for reporting information he gets from reputable sources - rather, he deserves an apology from you for your unfounded accusation.

    As for Dana's editorial discretion - she posted a picture of two politicians, Roy Blunt and Ed Martin, sitting next to each other. You'd be surprised how often that happens. Well, maybe not, since you also posted a photo of Roy Blunt standing with Ann Wagner. The existence of those two photos proves only that politicians (Roy Blunt, Ann Wagner, and Ed Martin included) schmooze, and the fact that you posted both of them proves only that you have access to the internet. It does not even suggest misconduct or bias on the part of Mrs. Loesch.

    Finally, as far as endorsements are concerned: Whether or not the STLTPC came out publicly and endorsed a candidate is not in question. There is something that was drilled into me in the Army - that you always avoid even the appearance of impropriety. The reason is this: if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it doesn't really matter whether or not it admits to being a duck. If you walk behind it, you're still going to step in duck poop. If you don't "endorse" Ed Martin, but you do publish puff pieces about him and publicize events which he will be attending or organizing to the exclusion of other candidates...

    I have no issue with individuals endorsing candidates. Nor does anyone involved with GGI. I do ask one question of you on that count: You say you cannot support Ann Wagner because her husband used to be a lobbyist who lobbied for TARP money. Since when do we, as conservatives, hold people accountable for their spouses' actions? Do you dismiss everything James Carville says because his wife, Mary Matalin, often speaks out in direct opposition? Do you believe that Clarence Thomas should be forced to recuse himself from the Obamacare case because of his wife's political activity? If the answer to those questions is no, then you might want to stop throwing that out as your reason for slamming Ann Wagner.

  4. Ed Martin supporter obsessed with Dana Loesch can't stop obsessing over Dana Loesch. Didn't realize that the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition was an "editorial site." Yet she and others were trying to control stories? I was on the giant email where I saw nothing but Darin Reboot Congress trying to bully Jim Hoft and Dana Loesch to control stories. Isn't it about time this group of clowns moves on? Or are they not through embarrassing themselves? They already embarrassed Ed Martin out of Missouri 2.

  5. It will be quite interesting to see just how much more money the Saint Louis Tea Party Coalition takes in once the financial contributors to the organization realize that their "donations" went to wine, dine and booze up the "board" and other members and Candidates alike. Sad to see the self-centered-ness of man can corrupt even the most well-meaning causes.