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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A day off for pampering?

Bear with me, as I am suffering from a dry socket following the removal of a tooth last Thursday. So far this week I have written a paper under the influence of narcotics and assembled nearly 100 pairs of earrings. (No, I'm not kidding about the earrings. You'll understand in a minute.)

Tomorrow I take my first major step in a new business venture. For the last year or so, I have been experimenting with chain maille jewelry. And tomorrow my whole collection goes on display for public consumption for the first time.

It all started with Jim. He made a few large pieces a few years ago - more armor than jewelry - and a beautiful banner for a friend from the Kansas City Renaissance Faire. When he took me out to Kansas City, I met a woman who made chain maille jewelry and was immediately interested. So one night after Jim crashed, I started playing with his stuff...

Since then, I have used patterns modified from traditional armor chain maille and some patterns that I have improvised for particular pieces. 

A friend who owns a day spa asked if I would like to bring some of my jewelry out to her next open house and set up a display. So...

If you're in the St. Louis area, come out to Elegant Designs Day Spa (15648 Manchester Rd in Ellisville) from 5-8pm tomorrow (Thursday, November 17). They are hosting their annual open house, which includes free gifts, food, free chair massages (and Amanda is AMAZING), free paraffin hand treatments, and several other vendors besides myself.

If you are headed out to the next STLTPC After Party, come in and relax on your way there. It is just 2.6 miles from the Sky Music Lounge, so it's on your way anyway!

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