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Monday, November 28, 2011

Economically sound, morally bankrupt.

Black Friday. That term strikes a nerve with just about everyone. Whether it gets your blood pumping with the thrill of getting that great deal or it makes you slightly nauseous, it usually gets a reaction. And this Black Friday was no exception.

With sales starting as early as 10pm Thanksgiving Day, stores like Walmart were overrun before the clock even ticked to Black Friday proper. Sales were up an estimated 6.6% from 2010, and foot traffic increased by over 5%. Those are numbers that bring a welcome wave of relief to a nation that has been economically crippled over the last few years. But are those the numbers that really matter?

What about the multiple shootings over purchases? What about the multiple arrests for fighting over video games and toys? What about the 20 people who had to be treated after being doused with pepper spray by a woman who "just wanted to get to the front of the line" without people getting in her way?

To those willing to stand out in the cold and wait for a store to open, I say "good for you." To those willing to stand in line for hours on end waiting for that perfect deal, I say "good for you too." To those willing to throw down in the middle of Walmart in order to save $50, I say "it's going to cost your friend more than that to bail you out."