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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hello, Nero.

America is burning.
Because of the ridiculous "Occupy" movement, some places are quite literally in flames. Just yesterday in Oakland a Men's Wearhouse was vandalized - even after they had closed the business for the day November 2nd leaving only a sign in the window expressing the company's support for the 99%.

Also in Oakland, a Whole Foods Market was vandalized as well. The windows were smashed and the property was thoroughly doused in spray paint.
This adds to the growing list of acts of vandalism and violence perpetrated by the Occupy movement in various cities, and much of it still goes unreported by the mainstream media. Rapes, assaults, and other crimes are being "handled internally" by the groups of protesters. Police are being actively prevented from acting in their legitimate capacity, both by protesters and local bureaucrats, and then being maligned and ridiculed when they do what little they can to maintain some semblance of order. The media, instead of covering the actual story - the violence, vandalism and threats - encourages the insanity by echoing the protesters' cries of "police brutality!"

Meanwhile, the GOP nominees are playing "Gotcha Last" with the recent allegations against candidate Herman Cain.  Cain blames the Perry campaign. The Perry campaign blames the Romney campaign. And then the Cain guys start to waffle on the accusation... The public wonders if it might be an attack from the Obama camp, and most of the right wing pundits are sure that it was an inside job. The irony of the situation is that no one can actually find any hard evidence against Herman Cain to substantiate the claims. And even if they could and he is guilty, he is guilty only of making a completely nonsexual statement that may or may not have made someone uncomfortable fifteen years ago. As Dana Loesch said today on her show, this is the first sex scandal in American political history that doesn't in any way involve sex.
The media aggressively covers this "nontroversy" (thanks for the new word, Dana) as if it will suddenly sprout wings and become the vehicle they need to bring down a GOP contender, and their unfair coverage has even people who didn't support Cain up to this point in a spin over it.

While Rome burns, what do you suppose Nero is doing? 
Another multi-million-dollar taxpayer-funded luxury vacation? (maybe) Hot wings from the private chef at 1am? (maybe) Whining incessantly about the NBA's inability to come to an agreement and start the season already? (probably)

Passing executive order after executive order while no one is looking at him? DING!DING!DING! Thank you for playing...

Executive orders of every stripe are making their way out of the Oval Office. Some are meant to curb drug shortages, but most seem to be aimed at making an end run around Congress and their failure to jump up and down and wring their hands in excitement over Obama's "jobs bill," a.k.a. New Stimulus Same as the Old Stimulus... The media and leftwing bloggers seem intent on blaming Congress's inaction on roadblocks thrown up by Republican legislators, but the reality is that the two Democrats who spent most of the last two years in Obama's pocket are the ones holding things up. Nancy Pelosi, the House Minority Leader, has vocally criticized parts of the jobs bill, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid flat out refused to even bring the measure to a vote. Yep, sounds like Republican obstructionism to me.

The real problem is the nature of the executive order. The executive order is the simplest way for the President to enact his will unilaterally, and there are only three ways for anyone to get rid of those orders once they are in place. First, the President (or a subsequent President) can repeal the measure himself. Second, Congress can pass a law that supersedes the measure. And third, the Supreme Court can declare the measure unConstitutional - but the Supreme Court is restricted, since someone must first file a lawsuit that addresses the issue before they can issue a ruling.

So while Rome burns, Nero is acting unilaterally and unchecked. And the media (with the help of a few useful idiots)is generously providing enough cover fire for him to get away clean.

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