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Friday, November 18, 2011

Stupidity escalated to an art form.

I thought the OWS protesters had done a pretty good job of marginalizing themselves when they tried to make what may have been at one time a legitimate point by defecating on a police car.

I stood corrected when I heard about a man whose "capitalist pig of a boss" ruined his life because he fired him for excessive absences accrued during his attempt to arrange sexual reassignment surgery. For that reason, the man became a Maoist and joined the protest, proudly carrying a Chinese flag
Further correction came when Occupy Denver elected a 3-year-old border collie to act as their representative in civil negotiations. And still more with the 2500 arrests (and still counting), the 250 plus violent offenses, and hundreds of allegations of sexual assault - including one in St. Louis that police say could easily have been prevented with more decisive mayoral action.

But yesterday took the cake. In what was supposed to be an organized day of action, protesters once again went on the march in New York City. They peacefully blocked traffic. They peacefully flipped the hat off a policeman. They peacefully jumped over law enforcement barricades. They peacefully threw vinegar in peoples' faces. And then they peacefully marched to the Department of Education Building (which they apparently thought was City Hall) and chanted "Bloomberg must go!" until they realized their mistake.

Um, guys? You looked stupid enough already. But now you have made it clear that you don't even know the city you claim to "occupy." The only thing you stand a chance of occupying (other than possibly a jail cell) is a place in history as one of the worst jokes ever pulled off in a public place.

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