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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Don't that Trump all...

Months ago, Donald Trump was all over the news talking about a possible run for the Presidency. Some thought he was doing it to gain additional publicity for his television show, The Apprentice. Most people dismissed the thought out of hand because no one believed that Trump would consent to the personal financial disclosures necessary for such a campaign. His recent book begs to differ, releasing all of the financial information required in what could be a precursor to a legitimate run.

Trump himself has been outspoken about the fact that he hasn't completely counted himself out. He has talked openly about what he might feel compelled to do if the Republicans "pick the wrong candidate." He has also been quite transparent in regards to his opinions of the current administration and its disastrous policies.

But here's the problem: he really can't afford to wait and see if the Republicans "pick the right guy." If he waits until after the primary, entering the race would be a crap shoot at best - since he would most likely have to enter as a write-in or an independent. Running as an independent is risky, since given his personal leanings he is most likely to split the Republican ticket. That could result in basically handing the election to Obama. As for the write-in idea, if anyone could pull off the massive advertising coup required to fund a successful write-in campaign it would be the Donald.

Regardless, the best thing he can do (if he is indeed serious) is watch and wait and jump in right before the primary. He has the name recognition already, and he has been vocal enough up to this point that at least the educated voters (and that's who will be showing up at the primary polls anyway) have a good idea where he stands.

Whatever happens, I still say that I would pay to see Trump debate Obama with no teleprompter, no phone-a-friend, no lifeline.

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