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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reflections on 2011

 Why not start with a pinup-worthy photo of the husband - just because I can...
 We spent the last week of June in my old stomping ground, Ocean City, New Jersey.
 My 5-year-old protests wasteful spending at an Obama fundraising event. 
 Same event, different daughter.
 A tiny Geisha at the Botanical Gardens for Halloween.
 All of the little ghouls. And boys.
 This may be the last year that height and age fall in the same order...
 Everyone together, and (mostly) looking in the same direction.
 The smile before the attack.
How kids do government protests.

In the last year, things have changed dramatically. We have adjusted to new school schedules for both me and the kids. We spent a week this summer in New Jersey with family, and multiple weekends traveling to and from the Kansas City Renaissance Festival. I dealt with some of the worst health issues that I have ever had. I have spent the better part of the last eight months sinking my teeth into local politics, sometimes dragging my husband along with me for the ride. Jim and I made our radio debut on The Dana Show, talking about the family bakery (Kruta's Bakery in Collinsville, IL). I have spent the little spare time that I have building up inventory for a chain mail jewelry business. I have made new friends and begun new efforts, but that is only the beginning.

In the next year, I expect nothing less. We have plans to start homeschooling next fall, and I am currently writing a piece for a collaborative book. I have at least another full year of (increasingly difficult) classes ahead of me, and the Gateway Grassroots Initiative is just starting to pick up speed. The Congressional Campaign for Martin Baker (MO District 1) is also gaining momentum. I expect both the GGI and the Baker Campaign to carry me right with them - I don't weigh very much.

For all its good moments and bad moments, its ups and downs, 2011 is very soon to be the year that was. Reflect on it, and then tuck it away for safekeeping. Because the year that dawns tomorrow morning promises to be important.

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