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Monday, December 5, 2011

Flavor of the Decade

Ron Paul is the "flavor of the decade."

Heh. My first thought, after hearing that statement, was, "Well, that certainly explains my lack of appetite."

But seriously. By nicknaming himself in such a way, Ron Paul actually removes some of his own credibility. Sure, he did it to paint himself as the one with the most longevity as compared to "flavors of the month." But the problem is that if he fancies himself to be most in line with the Constitution and the way the Founding Fathers imagined our nation at its inception, he should be calling himself the "flavor of the nation." 

The "flavor of the decade" is still transitory and at the mercy of the notoriously fickle voting public. 

The "flavor of the decade" will pass, like the Backstreet Boys, parachute pants, Vanilla Ice, love-ins and bell bottoms.

The "flavor of the decade" will be remembered fondly by some, and will leave a foul taste in the mouths of others.

The "flavor of the decade," like any other fad, will not suck in everyone - only the suckers.

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