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Monday, December 5, 2011

Warning: do not read this if you love Twilight.

About a week ago, I was accused of being a "hater" because I made the comment, "If the only good thing you have to say about it concerns the soundtrack, then it's a safe bet the movie SUCKS." (This was in reference to the new Twilight film.) And the accusation was accurate - I do hate Twilight. But it's not like I just hate it for no reason. I hate it because vampires are supposed to be evil and soulless, not sparkly. I hate it because Stephenie Meyer is better suited to writing for bad soaps. I hate it because Kristin Stewart is monotonous. And Robert Pattinson was so desperately awful that even the Harry Potter movie only hired him to drop dead.

And then I got to thinking about the other things I have said that made people call me "hater."

I analysed Ron Paul and his platform and came to the conclusion that I could never support him. I was immediately told (by someone whose position was that "not all Ron Paul supporters resort to ad hominem attacks in debates over the issues") that I must be horribly uneducated and that I couldn't possibly be in favor of a more Constitutional government. (Hater.)

Right before the health care bill passed, I said to a friend (who was in favor of the health care bill, though every time I referenced parts of it, he responded with, "well, I haven't read that part") that any elected official in the United States who was willing to circumvent the Constitution for personal or political gain should be tried for treason and hanged on the White House lawn. He said that he couldn't talk to me because I obviously advocated cruelty - the death penalty. I asked him how not advocating cruelty sat with his claim that he was pro-life and his vote for Obama, who began his presidency by authorizing American tax-payer dollars to fund abortions in foreign countries. (Hater.)

I guy I used to work with confronted me on the day of Obama's inauguration. He accused me of voting for McCain because I was a racist. I told him that I didn't care if Obama was black, green, or purple - I didn't like his policies. He huffed and puffed and told me that I just couldn't bear to see a black man in the White House. (Hater.)

So maybe it's true that there are a few things I hate. But it's not likely that I do so without reason.

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