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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Today in Stupidity

Jon Hunstman attempts to make himself relevant:
"They pick corn in Iowa. They pick Presidents in New Hampshire."
Wow, Jon. Spoken like someone who is...losing in both places. 

Hugo Chavez, after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer, claims that the United States is responsible. Based on Guatemalan chemical experiments done in the 1940's, Chavez extrapolates that the CIA intends to use cancer as a political weapon. 
When waterboarding just doesn't cut it anymore...

Iowa ad urges voters to "Vote Rogue" and write in Sarah Palin. What does that say about the pool of candidates if one has to "go rogue" to vote their principles?

Self-proclaimed "middle class hero" President Barack Obama spent more on dinner last night than I did on my family's car insurance last month. But it's okay for some families to not get toys this year, as long as they're together...right?

Breastfeeding moms stage a nurse-in at Targets across the United States. Seriously. 
To the moms: perhaps you should schedule your trip around your baby's feeding times rather than working their feedings into your schedule.
To the people complaining: If I have to watch you picking your nose or licking the french fry salt off your fingers at a stoplight, you can deal with the perfectly normal feeding process of another human being.

According to her daughter, Nancy Pelosi wants to retire but remains in Washington only at the request of her campaign donors. Recent polls place the collective IQ of said donors in single digits...

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