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Monday, December 19, 2011

This week in Democratic wisdom...

Rod Blagojevich: Claims that he should get a new trial over juror misconduct. The "misconduct" in question? A juror - who was never told by the judge that her questionnaire was to be kept confidential - took a blank copy of the same questionnaire from the county clerk's office to show her students.

Joe Biden: "The Taliban is not our enemy per se." Unless they do what they have been doing up to this point and continue to make it harder for the current government to protect their people (and ours) from insurgents.

Hillary Clinton (Feb 2011): "The United States encourages and supports democracy...the people of Egypt will determine their own futures." Shouldn't be a problem for the United States (or, say, Israel) unless the unthinkable occurs and the Muslim Brotherhood takes power in Egypt.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz: "The House Republicans are so extreme that they will stop this bill and leave the middle class twisting in the wind." And yet she holds in high regard the Senators who have already left on a five-week taxpayer (read: middle class) funded vacation...

Eric Holder: Helps the ATF sell guns to the cartels and then hides his activity from the people whose tax money paid for the guns in the first place. When they ask him questions about the sanity of his actions, he claims that they wouldn't care if he weren't black.

Michelle Obama: Suggests that Christmas is not about the things you have, because sometimes you can't afford toys and that's okay. Says this immediately before departing with her daughters for a 17 day Hawaiian getaway. Wonder if she realizes that many of the Americans who can't afford toys are in that predicament because they are being forced to fund yet another $4 million vacation.

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