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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rapid fire update

So, it's been awhile. A stomach virus for me plus three of the kids and pending final exams will do that...

So, Herman Cain is out. Taking bets here on how long it takes him to endorse Romney.

This just in: it is now politically correct to refer to the British as the "English"...but only if you're the President.

Craft fairs now involve more than just homemade items - it seems that Pampered Chef reps now qualify as "crafters."

Switching to decaf when your husband gets stuck with a week's worth of extra - long shifts and you and the kids get sick is poor timing.

Obama is "really sorry" about all those people who died in Pakistan. I'm sure they're taking that well.

Hillary Clinton has once again pissed off the Israelis. Good call making her Secretary of State, yeah?

Another dead at an Occupy camp. So glad they're just like the Tea Party.

Justice Department in a tailspin over Fast and Furious. They could save themselves the trouble and just give Holder up already. (another good hiring move on the part of the President)

And since everything seems to be completely under control, the Obamas are off to Hawaii for an extended vacation - though Congress may not get any time off if they refuse to cower before the President's latest threats regarding budget negotiations...

Business as usual, I guess.

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